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The Self Awareness Onion

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According to Mark Manson, author of the book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, “Self-awareness is like great sex: everyone thinks they have a ton of it, but in reality no one knows what they’re doing.” It can be concluded that there is some truth to that. Have you ever considered how self aware you really are?

Many people may walk through life on autopilot simply because routines and habits help us to operate in some aspects of our lives without much thought. According Manson, growth requires meta-cognition and meta-Cognition requires vulnerability and self-awareness. In other words, how do your values control your actions and reactions? Are you vulnerable enough to evaluate why you think the way that you do? With this concept, he created the Self-Awareness Onion. Understanding ourselves and our emotions is a lot like examining the layers of an onion. Are you willing to step back to evaluate your emotions and reactions? Check out the free worksheet below.

By: Brandi Lewis, M.Ed, LPC

Brandi Lewis