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Team "No Sleep"?

It has been said many times that “I can sleep when I die,” “team no sleep, “ or even “we ‘be up all night,” as simple phrases, but it’s also true that some of us take these words to heart and leave little time for rest. The American way is to work hard and produce results. All work and no play can cause not only exhaustion, but also many other health problems including gastrointestinal problems, anxiety, depression, and heart disease. In the busyness of life, it can be hard to find ways to incorporate rest more into your life. Research has found that some people even gain more weight when they are less rested because stress can cause stress eating and weight gain. More rest is not a hindrance to progress or production, it can, in fact, add more to your life.  Here are three ways to help you to get more rest.

  1. Use the “Do Not Disturb” feature on your phone and turn off the notifications on your phone after hours.

    The Do Not Disturb or DND feature on your phone is a great way to preserve your time at any point of your day, especially in the evenings. You can select for specific hours to be blocked off each night so that you will not hear calls or notifications from any apps you may have. You may option to only allow people on your favorites list to contact you during the hours that you select.This is a great way to make your rest time a priority instead of responding to notifications or calls that you may be able to respond to during working hours.

  2. Try going to bed earlier and monitor how you feel. Do you notice a difference?

    Consider going to bed the same time each night for two nights and make that time a little earlier than you currently go to bed. Monitor how you feel. Do you feel happier? Do you eat more or less? Are you irritable with other people? Do you feel more productive at work? Are you more available for your family and friends?

  3. Create a nightly ritual.

    Rituals are a good way to allow yourself to gradually relax. A great cup of tea and a good book are nice simple ways to wind down for the day. Journaling or watching your favorite TV show can also be good ways to wind down. Whatever you choose, consider putting down your phone while trying to wind down. Studies have shown that cell phone use just before going to bed can keep people from feeling very relaxed and can even lead to insomnia.

If you feel that you struggle with sleeping or resting in a chronic way, please contact a medical professional or a licensed therapist as you may have a more serious condition. These tips can be helpful for anyone, especially those who want to relax after a busy day. Please give it a try!  If you are looking for a counselor, please check out the link below.

By: Brandi Lewis, M.Ed, LPC

Brandi Lewis